Thursday, October 27, 2005

Big Iron

Went down to Atlanta earlier this week for a Sxip install...ended up getting awfully nostalgic for Sun when I saw this sucker:

That's a $5 million dollar Sun StorEdge L8500. Basically, it's a giant array of backup disks serviced entirely by robots, complete with a built in fire suppression system.

In 4 years at Sun, I never actually saw one in the wild.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Identity Insurance

Interesting development...AllState is providing Identity recovery insurance:

"With Allstate's identity restoration coverage, you have a dedicated team to handle the complicated, time-consuming and tedious work needed to help restore your good name and your credit rating. They will make the phone calls, handle the paperwork and deal with the credit bureaus. Some services focus solely on credit card theft or offer limited expense coverage, but Allstate goes further to help protect your good name — and your time."

Sxip's at Web2.0 this week trying to kill this market off before it starts.