Thursday, May 11, 2006

Even better than the dolphins

This article about dolphins referring to each other by name has been making the rounds in the identity world.

The monkeys are still more human.

I completely agree...

...with Johannes' latest post.

It's too bad rdf is so difficult for people to work with (or even grok)...the simple injection of a predicate into the name/value pair and you'd retain the ability to serialize complex object graphs.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Firefox Identity Selector

I've just posted a prototype identity selector for firefox, which allows you to login to infocard enabled sites, without infocard, or even windows.

You can download it here:

In order to get started, download and install the extension, and then browse over to one of the public relying parties. It also requires that you have a JVM installed, which you can pick up from if need be.

Please note that this is of alpha quality. It only supports Self Asserted tokens, and many other desireable features have not been implemented. However, it should provide the based for some interesting discussions at IIW this week.

Enjoy, and please send feedback.

[Update: There seems to be a small bug with selecting cards. If you click on a card to select it, and its values do not fill in on the right side of the screen, then click it again until they do. If you attempt to submit with blank values it won't work]

[Update: Also - keep in mind that I haven't figured out how to make the Firefox warning that a plugin to handle the infocard object isn't installed. Simply ignore this, and please send me a note if you know how to make this go away]