Sunday, June 19, 2005

Invoking InfoCard

With all that out of the way, I finally can invoke my client, and get into the InfoCard interface, as well as take a look at the resulting message enrichement

When I invoked the client, the first thing it does is validate the Identity of the service using the cert in the addessPropeties. Assuming validity, the InfoCard UI is invoked. The first thing you seen is presentation of the relying party, and potentially their terms of service, as well as prompt to either agree to their terms, or cancel the operation. I wish I had a screen shot, but there doesn't seem to be a simple means to remove a relying party from your trust list, or change its settings. I expect this will show up in future versions.

Once I accepted the terms, I'm prompted to select an InfoCard. This shows the UI for infocard actually being invoked:

Click for a larger version

A few things to notice here

1) They track which card I've previously presented, and when I did it
2) They track what the relying party already knows about me

From here, I can choose a card to submit. This talks to a local STS in the current beta, and generates a SAML assertion, which is used to enrich the SOAP call...

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