Sunday, August 27, 2006

6 screws and a plate!

6 screws and a plate!
Originally uploaded by Phil Hunt.
Phil Hunt from Oracle(OctetString), Ian Brown of SOA (BlueTitan) Phillip Kamps (yet another ex-sxipster), myself, and Phil's wife Wendy rode thigh deep powder at Whistler this year.

In a mad dash to the bottom to meet up with Mara, this happened to Wendy's knee.

She literally just laughed it off.

Update - My memory is off - it was Phillip instead of Ian. As Ian comments we was out with his own knee injury...which was my fault. Sorry Ian.

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Ian Brown said...

Actually, I believe it was Phillip Kamps, late of Sxip, and now with EZ, who was thigh deep with you guys in the pow. If I remember correctly, I was stuck in a Vancouver hotel with my own (and much less severe) knee injury.