Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Minor Bug Fixes

I updated the Firefox Selector to fix a few minor bugs introduced in the Managed Cards support update.

Thanks to Axel and to Antoine Galland from Gemalto for trying it out and reporting the bugs.



Claude said...

Hi, I using Firefox 2.0 and have installed the latest plugin, but I get the error below after clicking on "send me your infocard."


Firefox also reports that a plugin is missing every time I enter the relying party page. What am I doing wrong?


cmort said...

On your first question, unfortunately we've got some Java 1.5 dependent code in the plugin at the moment, and it looks like you're running Java 1.4. I'll look into removing the dependency.

On the second one, ignore it. We've not yet figured out how to make that message go away with an extension (vs a plugin)

Sean Coates said...


I'm having a different problem.

I checked my Java version, and then upgraded to 1.5

I'm on Linux.

Help? (-:


cmort said...

Interesting...haven't seen this one before. I'll need to dig around and find a linux box with a monitor attached to it in order to test.

Sorry about the trouble!

Sean Coates said...

It's ok. (-:

Please let me know if I can help in any way. FWIW, I'm having similar problems with other extensions, so it's not necessarily your fault.

Greasemonkey, for example, pukes on me:

If you'd like me to help (test, etc), let me know: sean[ta]caedmon{tod}net.