Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Simple Java Based Relying Party

I've just turned on an InfoCard Relying Party, implemented from the ground up in Java. If you've got InfoCard up and running, please login and send me a comment.

Java Based RP

I'll follow up soon with details, as well as an overview of how it works.

[Update: I've had some complaints that this isn't working with the latest and greatest IE ( due to an issue with IE according to Kim ) I suggest build 7.0.5296.0 for now. ]


pragma.pack said...

Which IE7 build supports correctly the infocard (i.e., OBJECT type="application/infocard) ?

I used the last version of IE7 7.0.5335.5 and I can't send my Infocard to your page or to the Kim Cameron's login page.

Do I have to take a previous IE7 version like Rohan Pinto said in his blog :-(


cmort said...

I'm using 7.0.5296.0 - I haven't tried anything else at this point.

Rohan Pinto said...

Hi pragma,

I sent you an email with the download link to the 5296 ie7 build. Thats the only one that works right now

lendeuro said...

Rohan pointed me to this blog and was able to login with infocard successfully.

Great Job!!!

Now looking forward to the source code :)

Fergal Butler said...

I've also been able to log in successfully after following Rohan's link to IE 7.0.5296.0. Many thanks to Rohan for the link.